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Who is JHA Reptiles? In 2019, JHA Reptiles was born and created. JHA Reptiles might began as a business but founder and owner Joseph Allen was dealing with reptiles for many many years prior to opening the business. Joseph Allen was a landscaper before starting JHA Reptiles. Since opening our business we have rescued over 58 reptiles. Does JHA Reptiles breed reptiles? Yes we do, we buy reptiles to breed for our customers. We try to make new morphs for our customers. We do not use the reptiles we got from others to breed, but we buy our ones we breed. Is JHA Reptiles a nonprofit or a profit business? JHA Reptiles is a for profit business we do not accept donations of any type. The reptiles we take in we pay out of pocket for vet bills, nursing back to health and housing them. So when we sell a reptile we sell it for full profit to get some of the money we put in the reptile back out of them. The reptiles we believe that can’t be sold we house them here forever and will make them happy with us for the rest of there life.
  • jhareptiles - December 22, 2020