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About us

About Us


In 2019, JHA Reptiles was created by Joseph Allen, a landscaper and reptile enthusiast. The company, was launched to efficiently recover the health of reptiles, find them new homes and ensure they thrive every step of the way.


Reptiles are one of the most neglected groups of animals out there. This means countless animals suffering from easily avoidable ailments and high risk illnesses.

Helping debilitated reptiles is the most rewarding part of JHA Reptiles. We are not licensed veterinarians, but a small team of experienced keepers who have worked with hundreds of animals to date.

When needed, we seek licensed clinics for more advanced assistance and technology. 90% of our reptiles taken in end up recovering to perfect health. We expect this percentage to rise even more as we gain knowledge, experience and continue growing.


Once happy and healthy, reptiles are listed for sale on JHA Reptiles to responsible keepers around the United States.

We do not accept donations, are not a non-profit, and have never claimed to be one.

JHA Reptiles is a for-profit company with a business model that allows us to increase our efforts in helping reptiles and keepers while growing as a strong, sustainable brand.

Why Choose Us

We Care

Doesn’t matter if its rescuing a reptile or asking us a basic simple question, we care for all reptiles and are here to help with all yours and their needs.

Healthy Reptiles

Before we sale any reptiles including rescues or our own we make sure they pass our Health Bill Check. If they aren’t ready to go we will keep them until we feel they are. You will never get a hungry or an unhealthy reptile from JHA Reptiles.

Love Of Reptiles

Our staff doesn’t just take care of the animals, but we are compassionate about them. We have staff that breed and raise their own reptiles.

Always On Call

We are here 24/7 (even after hours) to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us by phone, text, Facebook, and even email.

About Founder

Joseph Allen

In 2019, JHA Reptiles was created by Joseph Allen, a Landscaper and reptile enthusiast. The company was launched to efficiently recover the health of reptiles, find them new homes and ensure they thrive every step of the way. Joseph also does his own breeding to find new morphs for his customers.

the beauty of reptiles

the beauty of reptiles
We have different breed of snakes

We have all type of Ball Pythons, Boas, Garter Snakes, Corn Snake, Rat Snakes and Kingsnakes.

We have the finest of the snakes. We makes sure all our snakes are healthy and are ready to go to their forever home before we sell them.

We have the finest Lizards

We have the finest Lizards

Different breed of lizards

Our lizards are the finest you will purchase. We have from Gecko right down to House Geckos. We sell all types of lizards.

When you purchase from us you know you will get a healthy and a good eating lizards. That’s  our promise to you our money back.


Reptile Rescue

Here at JHA Reptiles, take in any unwanted reptiles that you can not care for or can’t have for any reasons. We never question why you are giving them up.

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Custom Enclosure

We build custom enclosure to fit whatever you want or need including in tight spots.

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Sell Reptiles

We sell our in home reptiles as long with the rescue ones. Before we sell any reptiles we make sure they pass our health bill check.

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Reptile Morph

We do IN HOME reptile morph, we do our own breeding reptiles and try to come up with great morphs.

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We Build Custom Enclosure

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