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For The Love Of Reptiles

In 2019, JHA Reptiles was created by Joseph Allen, a landscaper and reptile enthusiast. The company, was launched to efficiently recover the health of reptiles, find them new homes and ensure they thrive every step of the way.

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Reptile Rescue

Here at JHA Reptiles, take in any unwanted reptiles that you can not care for or can’t have for any reasons. We never question why you are giving them up.

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Custom Enclosure

We build custom enclosures to fit in tight spot or whatever you shall need it for.

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Sell Reptiles

We sell our in home reptiles as long with the rescue ones. Before we sell any reptiles we make sure they pass our health bill check.

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Reptile Morph

We do IN HOME reptile morph, we do our own breeding reptiles and try to come up with great morphs.

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Reptile Of The Week

Reptile Of The Week

Moorish Gecko

**NOT FOR SALE (YET)** Tarentola mauritanica, known as the common wall gecko, is a species of gecko Gekkota) native to the western Mediterranean area of Northwestern Africa and Europe and widely introduced to America and Asia. It is commonly observed on walls in urban environments, mainly in warm coastal areas. However, it can be found further inland, especially in Spain where it has a tradition of cohabitation with humans as insect hunter. A robust species, up to 150 millimetres long, its tubercules are enlarged and give the species a spiny armoured appearance. It is a nocturnal animal with a predominantly insectivorous diet.

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See What Clients Say

“Thank you for helping with such beautiful animals that people decide they can no longer care for or have for whatever reason. Talked to you before and absolutly love your blue, its almost identical to my blue baby!”

Cassandra K

“What you are doing I’s amazing! They need a voice and you are it!.”

Heather T

“Good job brother ❤️ lil creatures need a voice too well and big ones like the snake”

Rachel A

“I purchased my sons first snake from JHA Reptiles and I must say I couldn’t be any happier with what we got. Healthy and very friendly snake like he promised. He also went out of his way to knowledge us about the snake and even helped us found a enclose for him. I recommend “

Nancy G